An Archaeologist Discovered Proof That Ancient Aliens Visited Mexico

The artifacts found by Camacho prove beyond a doubt that ancient civilizations engaged in contact with alien visitors. The host…

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The artifacts found by Camacho prove beyond a doubt that ancient civilizations engaged in contact with alien visitors.

The host of the Discovery TV program Los Desvelados, Victor Camacho, is a well-known Mexican archaeologist who has long investigated the ‘secret archeology’ of his nation with reference to UFOs and aliens.

Camacho visited locations around Mexico where it is thought that ancient aliens may have left not just footprints but also had an impact on the culture of the prehistoric people.

The relics found by Camacho prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ancient societies had contact with alien beings.

Some objects feature carvings that describe the aliens’ spacecr aft used to go to Earth.

Additionally, some of these engravings on objects demonstrate how ancient societies had a profound understanding of the cosmos and other concepts that are incomprehensible to us now.

The archeologist has met others who have discovered alien artifacts. For instance, weird animals with big eyes are a common element of porcelain sculptures. All of this indicates that aliens or other extraterrestrial visitors have interacted with humans in the distant past.

Due to the fact that aliens no longer interact with contemporary humans for whatever reason, only the most fervent deniers now have the belief in UFOs.

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