Amazing find: the grave of 4000-year-old Romeo and Juliet teen lovers buried with several precious jewels.

TWO lovers from 4,000 years ago have been found buried facing each other in a remarkable grave in Kazakhstan.

The ancient Romeo and Juliet were believed to have been aged 16 or 17 when they died and archaeologists say it’s likely they were from noble families. The prehistoric couple were buried gazing at each other in a loving cuddle for their journey to the afterlife.

So far archaeologists have not determined how the young lovers died but there are plans to carry out research on the remains.

They were found in an ancient burial complex comprising five hills in remote Karaganda region.

Gold and bronze treasures were found in their grave and the young woman wore two bracelets on each arm as well as solar pendants.

She also wore precious gold rings shaped like earrings.

“The man and the woman are facing each other,” said archaeologist Igor Kukushkin.

“Most likely, the just discovered young couple belonged to noble families – the grave is rich.

“The young woman has two bracelets on each arm with spiral endings, and round solar pendants with ornaments.

“It is significant that she was wearing gold temple rings.”

Nearby was found the grave of a suspected priestess from the ancient Alakul culture.

“This woman was buried with seven pots, ashes and a skull,” said Kukushkin.

“Her grave was not robbed although many neighbouring graves were plundered.

“Perhaps something here scared them away. Seven pots is an unusual number. Most likely she was a priestess.”

Kazakhstan has proven to be a treasure trove of ancient artefacts.Last year, an astonishing stash of 2,800 year old gold jewellery has been unearthed by archaeologists in the central Asian country.

Some 3,000 golden and precious items were found in a burial mound in the remote Tarbagatai mountains.

The treasure trove – described as ‘priceless’ – is believed to belong to royal or elite members of the Saka people who held sway in central Asia eight centuries before the birth of Christ.

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