According to experts, Moses did cross the Red Sea after discovering an ancient Egyptian army submerged

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, archaeologists discovered the remains of a huge Egyptian army from the fourteenth century BC in the Gulf of Suez.

Researchers were looking for Stone Age and Bronze Age ships and artifacts when they discovered a vast mound of human bones that had been ruined by years of immersion.

Professor Abdel Muhammad Gader, who is in command of the expedition, has discovered around 400 skeletons, as well as hundreds of weapons and armor, as well as the remains of two carriages.

It’s probable that the large number of skeletons uncovered belonged to a large army. What’s more fascinating, according to Master Gader, the bodies may be linked to the biblical Exodus account.

The number of fatalities during Akhenaten’s reign indicates that a large army was wiped off by the Red Sea’s waves. This appears to back with the biblical story of the crossing of the Red Sea, in which the Egyptian army was wiped off as the Jewish people made their way across. How do you feel about this discovery?

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