A magical weapon that thwarts harmful occult forces and evil forces

Phurba Dagger: Magical Weapon That Restrains Evil And Harmful Occult Forces

The Phurba is a triple-sided Tibetan ritual dagger. It has several functions, one of which is to restrain evil and harmful occult forces and fight life obstacles.

Another function of the Phurba is that it can transform all the negative energies into positive forces. The magical dagger erases emotions like violence, hatred, and other aggressive characteristics the blade holds.

Other objects of similar shape can be considered Phurba, but a real Phurba is a knife with three different segments, one of which is a characteristic three-sided blade or point. These segments symbolize the three spirit worlds.

The Phurba dagger is a powerful weapon, which as a whole represents the ‘world axis’ or ‘axis mundi,’ which combines all three spirit worlds. In ancient Greek beliefs, it is like the omphalos (navel), a religious stone artifact with extraordinary powers.

In Tibetan and Indian religious beliefs, numerology is essential. This number’s spiritual energy helps destroy an enemy and fight other problems. For example, number 3 and number 9. Among others, the Phurba also focuses on number 3 (the Buddhas manifest themselves in “3 Bodies” (or the so-called Trikaya): the Truth Body, the Body of Bliss, and the Emanation Body).

What Is Phurba Made Of?

Designed after an ancient Vedic tool, the dagger is usually made of wood, clay, bone, and metals. As it concentrates on the sacred number 3, its three-sided blade and handles decorations are always grouped into packs of 3.

The lower part of the blade is said to represent “Method,” while the handle is “Wisdom.”

Phurba – A Ritual Dagger Only

While it is still a dagger, it is not used outside of different Buddhist rituals. To ensure that it cannot harm anyone, the blade’s edges remain dull and do not get sharpened at any time.

The purpose behind its use is to trap confused spirits as they linger between different realms. By holding these spirits in place, the Phurba dagger gives the shaman a chance to help the spirit be reborn.

The Phurba dagger is not a physical weapon but a spiritual one. Its sole purpose is to attack the opposing forces in the spiritual realm and help turn them into positive forces. It is an essential part of different mask dances performed by Buddhists.

Supernatural Abilities Of The Phurba Dagger

Buddhists believe the dagger is a magical weapon with many incredible abilities.

We can name here a few of them.

The Phurba moves on its own; it can lift men off the ground if it wants; it has the strength of 4 men unless some magic formula is used against it; it moves faster than humans can run.

The faces on either side of the pommel can animate and bite the dagger holder. Once it has felt a person’s blood, it can track that person without making a mistake.

It is said that a person who the Phurba kills is sent into oblivion. On the other hand, the dagger is immune – it cannot be destroyed.

These are a few magical powers the Phurba dagger is said to possess.

How Is Phurba Dagger Used?

This dagger is a sacred object in Buddhist beliefs and is used in almost every shamanistic ritual. With its ties to the god Dorje Phurba or Vajrakilla, a wrathful deity of Tibetan Buddhism, the dagger is used to destroy violence. It is also believed that this god is a part of the dagger, which is why it has so many supernatural powers in its possession.

Ritual Phurba dagger, Central Tibet, 17th century.

The Phurba dagger should never be used as a physical weapon. It is a spiritual object which targets the elements of the spiritual realm vigorously and aggressively.

One positive attribute that comes from this dagger is that it can create a hallowed or protective ground. That is why it is part of the tantric ceremonies. The Nepalese believe that the dagger becomes alive because the Jhankri (Nepali word for shaman) transforms his spiritual body into a Phurba and chases away evil spirits.

To the Buddhists, the Phurba is the ultimate spiritual weapon.

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