‘3,000-Year-Old’ Ancient Astronaut Figurine Found in Cappadocia, Turkey

* On April 26, 2021, a Facebook user shared an image of an alleged “three-thousand-year-old figurine that was found in Cappadocia”, without disclosing additional data. The image quickly became popular and immediately evoked notions of ancient astronauts.

Analyzing the image of the statuette in detail, one can realize that it bears a resemblance to the suits worn by current astronauts.

In the upper part the helmet would be represented. In it you can see the relief of a kneeling human, holding a kind of bowl that would contain offerings.

Just on the left, you can see what would be the representation of a flying saucer.

Is the statuette the representation of a paleocontact that took place 3 thousand years ago, or perhaps more, in the mysterious Cappadocia?

For thousands of years, there have been human settlements in the Cappadocia region, such as Derinkuyu. Underground shelters were built there where entire cities could take refuge underground and subsist for many months without risking the outside.

According to the sacred texts,  Yima , the prophet of  Ahura Mazda , had a multi-storied Underground City built to protect a select group of people and animals from a global ice age, which the Veda called: evil winters.

According to many renowned climatologists, the last recorded ice age climaxed 18,000 years ago and ended 10,000 years before Christ.

Ahura Mazda  is believed to have  been an extraterrestrial entity that gave guidance to the inhabitants of the earth. He gave his followers the technology they needed to build these ancient shelters.

According to the sacred books of old,  Ahura Mazda  moved in the sky in chariots of fire. That can lead us to the conclusion that he was a non-human being, who wanted to protect his human inhabitants for his future survival.

If this statuette is real, could it be the representation of  Ahura Mazda , an ancient astronaut who helped mankind from a planetary catastrophe?

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