25 Mile UFO existing on the Moon: Undisputed proof of Aliens

The discovery of a 25-mile-long UFO on the Moon by alien hunters has sparked assertions of “undeniable proof” of extraterrestrial activity on our lunar satellite.

According to reports, a lengthy, dark-looking structure was shown in a NASA photograph, but the space agency is reluctant to confirm this. At least one UFO researcher asserts this, adding that aliens live on Earth’s moon.

The startling assertion was made by well-known conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring, who also elaborated on how he believes the spaceship functions.

According to Mr. Waring, the UFO may land anywhere it chooses due to its flat surface.

This black structure was discovered today, the extraterrestrial seeker said on his site ET Data Base.

“I frequently report similar dark constructions, but this one is a spacecraft and flat on its bottom, allowing it to land in various spots; this one has landed within a crater on the Moon.


Alien news: “Undeniable proof” of a 25-mile-long UFO on the Moon

According to reports, a NASA photograph showed a lengthy, black-looking structure.

The black item sticks out even more sharply because to its surroundings, which are all white.

“The distance is indicated as 50 miles at the bottom right of the map.

In light of this, the UFO I am reporting today is 25 miles in diameter, as determined by NASA using a map picture technique.

“Aliens conceal the buildings, and NASA frequently misses them because they lack the skills to do so. Undisputed evidence of extraterrestrial life on our moon!

“Aliens conceal the buildings, and NASA frequently misses them due to a lack of training to locate them.”

Some conspiracy theorists say that the Moon could be inhabited by extraterrestrials and that this is why NASA hasn’t sent another mission since the Apollo missions concluded in 1972.

They believe that discoveries like this alleged facility and other anomalies might be ancient extraterrestrial monuments like the pyramids and other structures on Earth.

The Moon has long been alleged to be a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity, and some people think NASA is fully aware of the alien presence.

Pareidolia is a psychological condition in which the brain deceives the eyes into seeing familiar things or forms when they do not exist, according to skeptics and NASA, who claim that the structure and other similar finds are merely the results of this phenomena.

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